Should’ve gone to Specsavers… oh wait – I did! 

So last year I started getting incredibly bad headaches. I get migraines and I get standard headaches, however these were completely different. I was a little concerned so I decided to pop into the Specsavers in Camberley, I explained my symptoms and the optician that I spoke to was incredibly supportive and agreed that getting my eyes checked was completely the right decision. She examined my eyes in great detail, with far more gadgetry than 20 years ago (the last time I had had an eye test)! It turned out that my pupils are of a slightly odd shape and a very minimal deficiency to the sight, the decision was completely mine if I wanted to order prescription glasses. I’d decided that at the time I didn’t feel this was the cause of my headaches and declined a pair of glasses. As it turns out changing jobs did the trick!! And since then I’ve now had any of those strange headaches – funny what stress does to you. 

After seeing my hairdresser the other day with a fabulous new pair of glasses from the Kylie Minogue range (at Specsavers!) I really wanted to have another look and see if I could pull off a pair for myself. Even though my vision is pretty great, just that slight change perhaps could make a difference. After all – I’m over 30 now!! So I went back in about a month ago, had a chat with a fabulously helpful ‘style guru’ of Specsavers, Darren, who gave me some great advice on the different styles of glasses that would suit my face shape – who knew there was a science to it! 

So I now have a fabulous new pair of glasses & sunglasses for the summer, am currently testing them out on our holiday right now! 


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