A Stroll (!) UP Box Hill and a very quirky dinner

img_0158Considering last Sunday was due to be a ‘heatwave’ for February my husband and I decided to take the dog for a hike (!) up Box Hill! We asked friends to join us with their 2 year old son, little did we realise it would be quite the adventure that it turned out to be!

The 274 steps up were challenging, with a 2 year old wanting to be carried part way and a deaf 13 year old dog that enjoys running off at every opportunity. As we gained momentum around every bend there was always the question to passers by going down of “how much further?!” But we made it and were not disappointed  by the stunning view – every time we go it is just as spectacular as the very first.

img_0152A little someone absolutely loved it! Taking in the view all by himself, chuckling as if to say “I made it!”, we won’t mention the steps that he didn’t manage on his own! And a big someone absolutely loved the journey down – lots of rolling down the slopes thanks to the beautiful green hills, apart from the yelp near the bottom stating he thinks he was stopped by cow dung, yuck…. Luckily it was dry, but still, pew!

Dinner consisted of a new favourite for us – ox cheek casserole. Would you believe it was so scrummy! I had it in the slow cooker before we left and as we entered our flat the aromas that exploded through the door were sensational. Definitely a new contender for the Sunday dinner table. The recipe was a simple one that I found on Pinterest – I’ll definitely be searching for more of them.



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