Brits hit the Macy’s 1 Day Sale

So whilst we were in Florida and watching Good Morning America (love that show!) there were a LOT of adverts for the Macy’s ‘1 DAY SALE’, all day Saturday for 1 day only. Opening hours from 8am ‘get there early or miss out’ kind of thing. We needed to get a couple of bits for people for Christmas that involved designer bits but couldn’t find at the outlets so we thought we’d give it a go. My husband and I are early risers and thought we could join the crowds to see if we could find our Christmas presents and maybe some hidden gems.

So we set the alarm, showered and headed over to the Orlando Mall, aiming for 7:45 to hopefully get a decent parking space and wait for the shop to open. When we arrived at the entrance to the mall’s car park there was no queue, managed to get a spot pretty much right outside Macy’s front entrance and no sign of life anywhere. We did kind of think  ‘oh dear, did we get the wrong day’. I checked on-line – we had the correct day and correct time. So when 8 o’clock came and we saw one lady walk into the store we decided to take the plunge (as Brits that hate being embarrassed) and walk through the doors. The place was empty! I got the Mac makeup lady all to myself, the shoe section all to myself and the changing rooms (almost) all to myself! It was an absolute dream! Those Floridians do not get up early on the weekend for anything!!


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