One small step for man (and his Surrey Gossip Girl)!…

So whilst on holiday in the amazingly beautiful Davenport, Florida my husband and I decided to embark on the NASA Kennedy Space Center mission! We have the most incredibly stunning SUV (amazing car and service given from the great team at however it doesn’t have a sat nav built-in. But no panic from us as I have discovered that my mobile app Waze can actually navigate without the need for mobile data! The only thing you have to do is to start the journey WITH wifi – then you are good to go and it will remember the roads and directions – simple!

Getting to the space centre was pretty easy and as we drive over to the island I actually saw real life dolphins jumping through the ocean – beautiful does not come close to the description that this needs. The only time I’ve seen these glorious creatures has been in captivity so in their own environment was just breath-taking.

The NASA Kennedy Space Center was just great! Depending on your devotion to finding out every detail or if you just want to dip your toes in to the experience – it has everything for everyone. The interactive exhibits were fab, 3D experience and short movies were really interesting, this coming to you from a person that wasn’t really interested in going until my husband dragged me along!

Surrey Gossip Girl to base – over and out!



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