Christmas Tree in a Convertible! 

img_8889So this weekend saw the yearly ritual of our Christmas tree purchase. We’ve been to the same place in Runfold since living in Camberley for the past 5 years.

Having a 2 door convertible makes things a little more interesting however! Especially with the tall tree that we’d chosen to fit into our Victorian conversion flat: tall ceiling = tall tree! So the drive home along the A331 was a windy one, with me wrapping Mitzi’s car blanket around my knees!

We absolutely love this place for their trees – they are by far the best that we have ever had. The needles are described as ‘non-drop’, and boy do they live up to that advert! Yes I do have to vacuum up a few, but that’s only after about 2-3 weeks and mainly due to disturbing the tree with pushing presents underneath. Apart from this the trees stay really nice and full and most importantly – green, even on the day when we take it down. The family that sell the trees are incredibly friendly and approachable – give them a price you’re happy with and they’ll show you the trees for your budget. No judging or assumptions, just honest and reasonable.

We’ve opted for a ‘mix and match’ tree this year. Classic multi-coloured lights and an array of ornaments to adorn the branches.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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